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Welcome to my blog, my name is Patty and I've been playing with cold porcelain since 2004. I fell in love with cold porcelain at my first class in Brazil, and since then I couldn't stop creating with this amazing clay. I created this blog for sharing my experiences and the little I know about this versatile clay. If you have any question about cold porcelain, feel free to contact me.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A little about Cold Porcelain Clay

Cold Porcelain is a non-toxic, soft, smooth, pliable and incredible versatile air dry clay that air dries to a completely hard and durable finish. 
I made my own cold porcelain clay home from scratch with only non-toxic ingredients: corn starch, white all purpose glue, white vinegar, baby oil and a non-grease lotion/cream. For coloring the clay I use high quality professional oil paints; for the painting details I use acrylic and glitter paints, and in order to improve durability all my creations are sealed twice with a polyurethane varnish. 
Porcelain Creations are very durable, but as any handcrafted item they are delicate in nature and may break if you apply force or if they fall. 
Although cold porcelain clay is made with non toxic ingredients, it is not edible and should not be ingested, in case of ingestion get medical attention if any discomfort occurs.
Cold porcelain creations should not be immersed, washed or rinsed with water or cleaned with any chemical cleaner, they can be easily dusted with a paintbrush or cleaned with a damp cloth. 
Cold Porcelain Creations are suitable for indoors displays only, their colors may fade overtime or if they are exposed to the sun.

If you have any questions about cold porcelain clay or my handmade creations, please contact me, I will be glad to assist you.
Patty K.

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